Out of the Snow book cover design 
Procreate, InDesign

Book cover design for Andre Dubus' "Out of the Snow." I explored LuAnn's self-awareness in relation to her surroundings. She carefully chooses the food at the grocery for they will become a part of her children’s flesh and eyes. She felt the thrill when the snow fell and thanked God for the fear of losing her loved ones. LuAnn mentioned how the two men had collided with and disrupted her harmony. 
Smoking played a huge part in her life as she had struggled with this habit. She had quit it for a while but picked it up again after the incident with the two men happened. The illustration showed the cigarette smoke turning into flesh and bones in the snow to reflect how the incident made LuAnn even more aware of her body and its possibilities, as well as understanding that she is alive.​​​​​​​
exploration sketches
Anxiety and Neurosis  book cover design
From the book: “Anxiety may be debilitating or stimulating; it can result in neurotic symptoms or in improved, heightened performance in an actor or athlete. It is something every human being has experienced."
Although Charles Rycroft is also a psychoanalyst, it is as a biologist that he has made this study of anxiety, the three basic responses to it - attack, flight, or submission - and the obsessional, phobic, and schizoid and hysterical defenses. Written in precise but everyday language, Anxiety, and Neurosis is based on adult experiences rather than the speculative theories of infantile instinctual development. Its clarity and authority can only add to Dr. Rycroft's established international reputation.
Original Cover 
Drunk Driving  poster design
Visual Strategies: mock-up commission by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for a poster that will be placed at the exit of drinking establishments throughout the nation. 
To fully capture the horror of drunk driving, I put the viewers into perspective by placing them in the shoes of the individual foreseeing the car crash from drunk driving and emphasizing its consequences. 
exploration sketches
City Lights DVD Design
Designing a DVD case for Charlie Chaplin's classic film City Lights with a painterly and lively style of illustration. Look carefully, Virginia disappears when you remove the DVD!
branding design
Illustrate an Absolut Vodka ad that represents my personality as an artist.
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